Saturday, August 9, 2008

Opening ceremonies

The first week of school was a joy for both teacher and students! We are establishing good habits of completing before-school responsibilities and are so enjoying our study of the Olympics so far!

The culmination of the first week was to watch the Opening Ceremonies last night . . . we spread blankets out on the floor and had special snacks to eat. We really enjoyed the artistry and beauty of the beginning of the ceremony. Unfortunately, by the time the Parade of Nations started, both kids had fallen asleep! Oh, well . . . there's always next Olympics! (By that time, Lael will be almost 12 and Jaden will be 8 -- oh, my!)

One thing that Brent and I were impressed with was the countries that we had never heard of! I was also burdened as I saw so many countries where the citizens are not free to worship the one true God. Both Brent and I commented that we were stirred to pray more for the nations of the world -- that doors would be opened for the gospel to be proclaimed freely.

The words of this song sum up my thoughts on this:

We speak to nations -- be opened
We speak to nations -- fall on your knees
We speak to nations -- the Kingdom is coming near to you
We speak to strongholds -- be broken
Powers of darkness -- you have to flee
We speak to nations -- the Kingdom is coming near to you
We speak to you -- be free!

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