Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our week at Vacation Bible School

We were invited to attend Vacation Bible School being held at another church in our denomination, and since our church doesn't have a VBS, we went. What a fun week! (Mommy even got to hang out and join in on the fun.)

The theme for the VBS was "Amazon Expedition" and we spent the week in the rainforest (one of our favorite places)! The Bible lessons took a look at the 7 C's of history -- using the Bible as our history book. What are the 7 C's? I'm so glad you asked! They are:

  • Creation
  • Corruption (the fall - Adam and Eve)
  • Catastrophe (the flood - Noah and the ark)
  • Confusion (the Tower of Babel)
  • Christ
  • Cross
  • Consummation (Christ's ultimate return)

Pretty impressive, right? Here's something more impressive - Lael and Jaden know all of these, they can SING about them, and they know what they mean! (yes, that's a mommy brag!)

The curriculum for this VBS was put out by Answers in Genesis (http://www.answersingenesis.org/) and it was so well done! I believe it's so important to give our kids answers to the questions that our culture will ask them so they are better equipped to give a reason for the hope within them. I'm looking forward to checking out more of their resources to help me better teach my children.

We had so much fun at VBS - crafts, snacks, classroom time, skits and contests! Each night they also had a Creature Feature, with some live creatures visiting VBS (a thrill for my animal-loving daughter). We saw a ball python, bearded dragon lizards, a cockatiel, geckos and parakeets. Lael and Jaden both held the bearded dragon, although Jaden quickly returned the lizard when it scratched his neck! All in all, it was a great week . . . check it out yourself!

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