Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's been a while since my last post . . .

. . . because we've had a very busy week! Lael went to summer camp at Twin Pines (http://www.twimpines.org/) for the first time last week -- she was there from Wednesday evening to Saturday morning! It was a big step for her (and for her mommy and daddy), but she had a wonderful time. Three other little girls from our church attended with her, which made it all the more fun for her. She loved swimming in the pool, riding the paddleboats, seeing the animals at the nature center and learning more about Jesus.

While she was gone, Jaden had special times with Mommy and Daddy, including a camp-out on the living room floor with Daddy, special art projects with Mommy and movie nights. In spite of all the fun, Jaden definitely missed his best friend and was VERY glad to have Lael home again!

Then on Saturday, Nana and Papa arrived from Massachusetts for a weekend visit! We were up to see them at Christmas time, but we haven't seen them since . . . and their last trip down here was last summer right after we moved. So, we packed our time full of shopping, reading stories, eating yummy food and making lots of memories! Sunday night we went to a special outdoor church service with a Christian ventriloquist -- his ministry is called Ryan and Friends ( http://ryanandfriends.com/ )! He had us laughing alot, and he had our daddy up front helping to tell the story of David and Goliath! That was pretty cool (at least Lael and Jaden thought it was cool . . . I'm not sure that Daddy felt the same way)!

All in all, last week was great -- now this week I need to really get planning for our upcoming school year. Back-to-school time will be here before we know it!

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