Thursday, June 26, 2008

Father's Day fun!

Here's Daddy with his children on Father's Day!

We love you so much Daddy!

Jaden says, "I love you, you're special and you're precious!"

Lael says, "There isn't a better daddy in the whole wide world than you!"

Brent, you are such a wonderful daddy to our children. I thought I knew what loving you was all about when we got married, but seeing you as a father showed me parts of you I would have never known any other way. Thanks for being committed to our family, for lovingly leading us in the ways of the Lord. I thank God for you!


Brock said...

I hope you had a great father's day, Brent! :)

brent said...

Lisa, thank you so much in your support of me as a Father - I certainly would not be the Father God has called me to be without you! Thanks for your unending love and support.