Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our trip to the Philadelphia Zoo

In honor of Jaden's birthday last week, we spent a day at the Philadelphia Zoo! We had an amazing time! Here are some pictures that share the highlights!

(Daddy remembered climbing on this elephant when he visited the zoo a LONG time ago, but they don't let you do that anymore!)
Jaden LOVED the animal statues at the zoo . . . he wanted his picture taken by each one!
You don't realize how big some of these animals are until you see them in real life!

Mommy with the kids

Having so much fun at the zoo

Lael compares her hand to that of a gorilla (guess whose was bigger!)

Another highlight was the petting zoo . . . we loved spending time with the goats!

All in all, we had an AMAZING day!

Bye, Philadelphia Zoo! We'll be back again!


Brock said...

That looks like fun, I like zoos! I looked through your photos too... My favorites are the giraffe and the rinosuarus :)

ctf said...

How fun! I remember a trip to the zoo back with Wonder Club... I can imagine the kids had a blast.

Hey, I realized the other night that my friend Kim (Martin) Rothacker is related to Brent. Fun. :)