Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Field trip fun at Cabela's!

So many fun things happened over the past few weeks that I want to write about . . . I'll have to catch up gradually! Anyway, the day after Easter, our principal announced that we were going on a field trip to Cabela's! (It's always fun when Daddy plans the trip!)

Cabela's is a huge store geared toward sportsmen -- hunting, fishing, camping, etc. But they have some amazing wildlife displays there that we enjoyed looking at.

This is the large display in the store . . .
with all different animals around it.
We all enjoyed posing with this bear friend (glad he was stuffed!)
Lael and Daddy dreaming of Africa
Lael and Jaden in the front of the store with their special souvenirs
(they've played almost daily with them since the trip!)
While traveling to and from our field trip, we listened to our new kids' CD (it was an Easter gift for the kids). It's part of the Seeds Family Worship collection and we ALL love it!
The songs are upbeat and fun, but best of all, they are word-for-word from the Word of God. So as we are having fun singing, we are memorizing God's Word! What could be better than that?!

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Brock said...

That is such a great store, I bet you guys had fun! Bec and I enjoy going there as well :)