Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blessed to be homeschooling!

I love our homeschooling adventure! One of the best things about homeschooling, in my opinion, is being right there with my children as they learn and discover things about the world around them. I am so blessed to be able to do this!

Here are some of our recent exciting discoveries and everyday moments on our journey:

  • During the month of February, we read biographies of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The books we read mentioned that both of these men were educated at least in part at home. When Jaden heard that part, he said, "Wow, Mom! They were homeschooled just like me!"

  • Lael read a book that showed different methods of telling time, including sundials, water clocks and even using candles as alarm clocks. At the end of the book, it showed how to make a simple water clock using materials from around the house. She asked to make one, and so we did! In the process, she realized that she could change the rate at which the bottle filled with water by making a larger hole for the water to pass through. A simple discovery? Maybe, but it was her discovery and we celebrated it together!

  • Jaden wrote his name by himself for the first time (and it is legible)! He's never even attempted that before, so we all were impressed.

  • Several skills that Lael has been working on have recently "clicked" -- like telling time and putting lists in alphabetical order. It's so much fun to watch her learn. And she has become quite the reader . . . these days it's very common to find her curled up with a book, reading away!
On another note, we had a fun field trip on President's Day to the Crayola Factory . . . we took our family friend "Miss Paula" along. Here are a few of the trip highlights:

Ready or not, here we come! (Lael and Jaden with Miss Paula)

Making some cool creations with Model Magic

Jaden painting with watercolors (one of his favorite art activities)

Lael working on a boat design (she decided that was a lot of work)

Jaden was fascinated with this old railroad light that was part of the Canal Museum (upstairs at the Crayola Factory)

This is the largest crayon ever made! Lael thought it would be hard to color with it, but she wouldn't mind trying!

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Brent said...

I think the greatest thing about having our children homeschooled is that they have the absolute best teacher there is!